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This analysis may give two potential trading setups by providing entries as well as exits. We keep it really simple and straightforward. Always review your own analysis, if th... [More]
Euro is rallying towards the upside against Canadian Dollar and it is recovering 50% of the last downside move (high 1.61 to the low 1.378). In addition the pair has performed... [More]
Following the FED’s and BOJ’s impact on market, we are expecting BOE’s announcement about its monetary policy program later today. It is widely expected that they will keep th... [More]
This analysis may give two potential trading setups by providing entries as well as exits. We keep it really simple and straightforward. Always review your own analysis, if th... [More]
As broadly expected, the ECB kept its interest rates unchanged at yesterday’s meeting where they are expected to remain for the near future or lower levels for extended period... [More]
European stocks opened lower ahead of European Central Bank’s press conference as investors anticipated to hear what they would say about monetary policy due to the fact that ... [More]
Goodmorning! Following our previous study (link), here is below the technical view of EURCAD. You should consider this analysis as an additional assistance with your own trad... [More]
Goodmorning to all! Due to user’s requests, we will analyze the EURCAD pair and see if there is any trading opportunity today. You should consider this analysis as an additio... [More]
Supports and Resistances:... [More]

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