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This analysis may give two potential trading setups by providing entries as well as exits. We keep it really simple and straightforward. Always review your own analysis, if th... [More]
Yen retraced significantly versus Dollar yesterday as traders practiced risk aversion. The pair approached the 7 week-low due to the weak financial data released for US as wel... [More]
Dollar is still advancing against JPY after Fed's Monetary Policy Statement yesterday. The pair is performing a parabolic bullish move from April’s lows. It reached 113 level ... [More]
Dollar moved up sharply against Yen yesterday just before Trump’s announcement of US new fiscal plan and BOJ’s next day monetary policy decisions.... [More]
This analysis may give two potential trading setups by providing entries as well as exits. We keep it really simple and straightforward. Always review your own analysis, if th... [More]
On Thursday, we reviewed the major pairs and created potential trading plans following Jobless Claims report. Let’s see what happened after the event.... [More]
We have noted major zones that define the current price action for each pair. These zones can be very useful as support and resistance areas for intraday trading setups. Moreo... [More]
As expected by the market, Federal Reserve raised the benchmark rate by 25bp, to a range of 0.75% to 1%. Yellen repeated that the US economy continues to expand at a moderate ... [More]
Finally, February’s payroll report came in better than estimated, 235k actual versus 190k expected. While Labor force participation was increased to 63% (Prev: 62.9%) and Ave... [More]
Markets are expecting 190k jobs increase this month versus last month’s 227k while unemployment rate 4.7% versus 4.8%. In the event of a positive NFP, a rate hike will be conf... [More]

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