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Meet The Experts : ForexFreeman

Wednesday, July 25, 2018 1:06 PM GMT

Manisit has developed an automated system which covers many forex pairs in order to reach a good level of diversification. He is using a REAL account and his performance remains solid for 31 weeks. 
His main Trader account is the "ForexFreeman". He has generated around 2k profits in pips and the maximum DD is just 115 pips. The overall NME is currently very low at 107$.
Let's meet Manisit and see what he has to say about his engagement with ZuluTrade.

 Tell us about your trading background and how you got started trading.

Mid-2016 marked the turning point for Forex in Thailand. I was part of a growing number of Thais who began to learn about the trading. I was eager to understand about Forex for I initiated my first investment with $100 capital. Without any strategic plan, force sell was an inevitable result. I was dismayed by this outcome and Forex was negatively impressed upon my mind.
I return to Forex trading again at the beginning of 2017. This time I invested $1,000 which was instantly wasted within a day. However, I certainly gained invaluable life experience as I was convinced that making a profit from Forex trading is not a simple task.
I thought about the whole experience and tried to find the best solution to the problems. How other investors profited from the trade, I wondered. Later, I became aware that robot trade or Expert Advisor on MT4 could potentially be used in the trading. At that time, EA Relativity was the only one of the kind that was being developed in Thailand. As a result, I was motivated to study and develop my own robot with an anticipation that my robot will help other traders. I realized that there are three main problems that lead to financial losses which are;
1. Human’s emotions
2. Greed

3. Timing

 When did you first discover ZuluTrade? What was it about ZuluTrade that got your interest?

When I was developing Expert Advisor in mid-2017, I became interested in copy trade which prompted me to subsequently launch an online research. As a result, I accidentally came across Zulutrade platform but the language barrier prevented me to acquire further information about the technology. During that time, information regarding Zulutrade in Thai was extremely limited which consequently diminished my interest in the platform.

In 2018, after I have accumulated substantial experiences, I began to disseminate my Expert Advisor to other users. However, I was required to teach setting and VPS rental to them which was extremely exhausted.
After studying about copy trade again which includes Copy trade signal, MAM system, and Zulutrade platform, I realized that it was, in fact, really convenient! Clients who wish to adopt my strategy simply press "Follow" and VPS rental is not required, of course !!!

 Give us the basic structure of your strategy

The best time for Sideway Trade is between 6.00 PM - 23.30 AM (GMT+2 or GMT+3 daylight savings) because assessing trends of the graph at this time is easy. A suitable sample of the trading pair during this time are EURNZD on Time Frame M5 which can be traded by using resistant and support strategy alone.

 What’s your trade management approach – taking profit and exits, trade size and account- level risk management?

We cannot predict the future, thus, risk management is truly important. For me, I calculate lot size by referring to the following formula;

Account Balance / 20,000 = Lot Size.
As for taking profit, this can be accomplished by; using approximately 15pip, the average risk of 1-2% risk per trade, sourcing appropriate opportunities to cut loss, refrain from holding order after 03.00 AM, and refrain from the concurrently open position of more than 2 orders.

 How can your followers get the best with your strategy?

I strongly recommend an ECN Account which has a combined spread and commission values of 15-22 points or less. This strategy should yield a handsome profit. My system places emphasis on long-term profit speculations which may result in fewer profits but I would say that I focus more on risk management issue.

 How do you feel when you have a good and a bad trade? How are you dealing with this?

Trader’s emotions are significant. Inability to control such emotions will lead to catastrophic consequences. One must appreciate that the trading market deliver two outcomes, profits and losses and the winning chance is only 50/50. Before you attempt an overtrading, seriously consider what will happen if the trading did not turn out in your favor.
This is the reason why I developed the robot trade. If controlling emotions is your problem, Expert Advisor could be an alternative solution for you.

 Finally, if you could give some advice for the aspiring traders out there, what would it be?

Maintaining your capital is the most important task, thus, always use money management which can minimize your losses in unforeseeable circumstances. Also, focus on a long-term investment rather than opting for an overtrading in a short period of time. Furthermore, you need to manage emotions and strictly trade in accordance with the rules. Lastly, you should emphasize risk management instead of trying to make profits. If you only learn to gain profits, you will never learn to concede and Forex market will eventually become a gamble for you.

When I was learning about Forex trading, it was really difficult because information in Thai was scarce and my English proficiency was quite limited. However, I believe that perseverance and determination helped to push me forward. Moreover, I perceived that mistakes are not always as bad as they can really make you stronger as a trader.
More to come... Stay Tuned!
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