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Meet the Experts: DJXCapital

Wednesday, June 5, 2019 2:46 PM GMT

DJXCapital has been working on his current system for 43 weeks. This account is currently ranked #13 and he also holds a more conservative account, DJCapital , that is currently ranked #32.

As he notes in his strategy description, he uses a combination of Technical and Fundamental analysis to predict the price direction of the next day or the next couple of days.

DXJCapital has generated a 55% annualized Return on Investment (ROI) and 5.4K pips Maximum DD. The overall NME is currently at $2.329.

Let's meet him and see what he has to say about his engagement with ZuluTrade. 

  • Tell us about your trading background and how you got started trading.

I started trading forex back in 2008 as a hobby which slowly grown into full time. I don't have any investment certification or work experience in the financial sector but after university, I was always interested in stock markets but back then it wasn't possible to do trading for personal reasons. When I started trading, I was trading demo for about two weeks before I went live. I’ve quickly understood that demo trading is to understand how the platform works but it’s not helping to learn in my trading. In my opinion, there are no emotions involved when trading demo account and it does not help for real trading. Of course, the path wasn’t very smooth, before I got where I am now.

  • When did you first discover ZuluTrade? What was it about ZuluTrade that got your interest?

I discovered ZuluTrade in 2012. I don't remember exactly where I found ZuluTrade but in my opinion, ZuluTrade is the best signal providing platform in the market.

  • Give us the basic structure of your strategy

I have a semi-automatic day trading strategy. Few small positions are opened every day in around Frankfurt and London open. The positions for each pair are dealt separately and closed same day if they are in profit if not, they will be kept for longer or closed on the end of the day, depending on the market situation. I am using more Technical than Fundamental analysis but most of all I look for price manipulation to anticipate price direction for the day or next few days. I am using EA which I personally developed for my trading strategy but it is just for opening positions. I am closing positions manually.

  • What’s your trade management approach – taking profit and exits, trade size and account- level risk management?

I use money management for my style of trading so I don't need to stress about my positions. Small drawdown is part of the game. For every $1000 I use 0.01 lot size for my open positions. For example: If an Investor has $10000 account, every position size should be not more than 0.1 lots.

I always use SL but if I am on the wrong side, I am cutting my positions early, I never wait till it reaches SL. I try to take profits as much as I can every day.

  • How can your followers get the best by your strategy?

Be patient and never close the positions early.

  • How do you feel when you have a good and a bad trade? How are you dealing with this?

In my opinion, emotions are the biggest killer in trading. You have to switch emotions off when you make a decision to open a trade or close in profit or loss. I use proper money management, that's how I can switch off my emotions but I guess, I am not very emotional person anyway. I don't look at each trade, I more concentrate on my monthly results.

  • Finally, if you could give some advice for the aspiring traders out there, what would it be?

Never give up, one day you will succeed!

That was all from DJXCapital. More Traders' Interviews to follow...Stay Tuned!

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