Battle of the traders, the Champion of the Month!

Here at ZuluTrade we are always looking for new ways and concepts to showcase our traders and products to new and seasoned investors. This is very important for us, as we exhibit the availability of diverse copy trading options in a modern and engaging way.
That was the reason for creating NewsLetters such as the Trader of the Week and the Newly Integrated Systems.
Now, it is our ultimate pleasure to announce a new way of comparing two or more trading strategies on our platform.

The Battle of the Traders !

Two traders with similar characteristics(pairs traded, AUM, trading style, e.t.c) will be selected each month by our Traders Community Desk Team. The goal of this mini “competition” is going to be, which trader will generate more profits for ZuluTrade’s investors.
The winner will be announced at the end of every month and will gain even more marketing exposure as a reward.

However, there is a twist, this time you as an investor can participate in this competition. By following one of the traders you can increase their chances of winning, so the final result is shaped by you also!

So pick your favourite one and get ready to Battle !


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