Combo Plus. A new way of copy trading!

So what is a Combo Plus?

Since its inception, ZuluTrade has thousands of ranked trading strategies.
Having this big of a pool of traders, we thought it would be a really powerful addition to our product line to create different combinations of these strategies.
In order to achieve this, we possess a team of certified professional managers.
Their goal is to create and monitor specific strategy combinations which will be provided exclusively to profit-sharing investor accounts.
These combinations will serve the same purpose with a different mindset.
There are combinations with 2 traders, 3 and even 4. While at the same time many other combinations are being tested for future launch.
Each one has different attributes and could offer a more diversified result than following a sole trader.
This might sound a little complicated for some of the new investors, so let’s dive a little deeper.

CopyTrade with ZuluTrade

By combining many and different trading strategies we can achieve in most cases, a weighted exposure in a wider range of financial instruments thus is less correlated -volatility-wise- with one forex pair.
Consequently, we increase our chance for smoother equity and fewer spikes in our performance.

This is even easier to understand with a visual representation.

Having the Dow30 in black, Chevron in blue, and Goldman Sachs in red, we can see that a product with many assets can outperform in ROI and maximum drawdown values, one sole investment.
The second and most important feature of the Combo Plus is that they are rebalancing products.
Meaning that a team is monitoring the combination 24/5 and if deemed necessary, they will intervene with an immediate replacement of a non-performing trader.
This increases the chances of the product’s longevity and minimizes the probabilities for extended drawdown periods.
The Rebalancing feature is available only to Profit Sharing investors.
This along with many other benefits makes the Combo Plus one of the best routes for a fully automated copy trading experience!

CopyTrade with ZuluTrade

A brief comparison between simple combos and Combos Plus.

The future of uninterrupted copy trading is here!
So, what are you waiting for, check them out!