Markets are turbulent but some Zulustars are still shining

Lately, markets have been turbulent.

FED has finally raised the US dollar rates but this didn’t seem to alleviate its country’s economic problems. This has created severe uncertainty across the board, from the forex market to the major indices’ and stocks’ prices.

Indeed some of the top traders have experienced major difficulties in managing their exposure. However, trading is a marathon and it requires patience and a lot of experience in managing risk and position size. This was visible through some of ZuluTrade’s top trading systems which use complex position management techniques and have achieved stability on their equity curve in these difficult times.

Let’s review them one by one!

CopyTrade with ZuluTrade

A trader with 177 weeks of history and an annual 113% ROI has just experienced a maxDD below 20% and seems to be untouched from recent market volatility.

rever273 2022

A less volatile trader with 46% and just 11.8% in annual ROI and maxDD respectively.
Within 100 weeks this trader has achieved a considerable rate of stability and continues to make new highs without any difficulty.

skmt 2022


One of the most well-known systems in the whole copytrading world.
This trader has achieved 244% in annual ROI and just 18.2% in maxDD.
His equity curve has remained outstandingly stable through all of 125 weeks of its existence.

fastway 2022

A younger system but certainly not one to pass on.
This last year, the specific trader has generated almost 50% in annual return with just 2.6% in maxDD!
This is definitely a performance that has defied the market’s volatility.

thewinner 2022

This ZuluTrade Veteran has achieved an impeccably smooth equity curve with the use of a multi diversified portfolio. In 133 weeks he is maintaining an annual ROI of 39% with a maxDD of 8.2%.
Making new highs almost every week this trader doesn’t seem to care about the dynamic changes in the market as his system performs like few others do.

dayprofittrader 2022

CopyTrade with ZuluTrade

These were just 5 of the trading systems that stand strong on the current market volatility.
There are tons more on our dedicated Top Traders page and some hidden inside the ZuluTrade platform waiting to be discovered by you!


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