Meet the Experts: Kethal TWR

Kethal TWR has been working on his current system since June 2019. His performance is rather stable and is currently ranked #196 in the Zulutrade community. Kethal TWR strategy accepts taking losses and there are periods of the year when the amount of losing trades gets significant. Thus, he advises his Investors to focus on the long term; be patient on weekly or even monthly basis.

The Kethal TWR account has been around for 16 weeks and generated a 194% annualized Return on Investment (ROI) with 248 pips Maximum DD. The overall NME is currently at 112$.

Let’s meet him and read about his trading experience at ZuluTrade.

• Tell us about your trading background and how you started trading.

My first acquaintance with Forex world happened back in 2010 (at 4th educational year in the University) with Google search request “how to earn money in the internet” 🙂

Google proposed a website with Forex strategy, based on famous martingale strategy “Ilan”, EA well-known by old-school traders. Now I understand that it was just a marketing landing page with referral link to a broker, enabling creator of this page to invite random people into a dangerous strategy just to get rebate earnings from a broker. I doubled my account in a month, but then caught a margin call. I have lost whole deposit, but I was excited with this experience.

Thereafter I started to read FX articles, test different strategies, pay for online Forex courses – all to no avail. My next experience was PAMM investments, signals subscription and provision of my money to third-party account managers. Within couple of years I realized that the only people who made real money were PAMM managers, signal providers and account managers; while I continued to bare losses on the long-term scale. And only since 2014, based on all Forex experience I gained for the past 4 years, I started to trade solely and achieved first really profitable results. 

I never planned to become Signal Provider or Account Manager because they were associated for me with those “bad” people, whom I paid commissions, but eventually made no profit myself on long-term. Nevertheless, as more and more people approached me after viewing monitorings of my accounts and asking to accept investments into my strategy, I started to work with investments. 

I am of strong opinion that Forex is not associated with gambling at Casino by any means. Based on proper strategy, self-control and strict rules, Forex is a good opportunity for additional income. Yet, 1 simple mistake might ruin result achieved for previous weeks or even months.

• When did you first discover ZuluTrade? What was it about ZuluTrade that triggered your interest?

I discovered ZuluTrade about 5 years ago via well-known Russian blogger. Obviously, such platform was of my interest, because it is a new community with huge pool of Traders to communicate with! But at that time, I traded at brokers which were not supported by Zulu platform, therefore I joined community later dates.

• Provide us the basic structure of your strategy

The trading is performed during mostly Asian session on relatively calm market. Periods of high volatility and/or low liquidity are usually avoided. The strategy itself is based on set of indicators & additional filters to ensure tight conditions for entering the market. Same allows to increase accuracy of trades, yet minimizes amount of such trade signals. To compensate low frequency of signals many FX instruments are used (up to 15 currency pairs being constantly monitored). Big amount of FX instruments also helps to diversify trading risks.

• What’s your trade management approach – taking profit and exits, trade size and account- level risk management?

I am happy to confirm that this strategy does not use any martingale or grid techniques at all. Only 1 order of same direction (BUY/SELL) per currency pair can be open at the same time. Algorithm of taking profit or exiting with loss is based on complex indicator analysis, nevertheless every single order has fixed S/L and T/P levels for safety reasons in case of force majeure on markets. S/L and T/P levels are never changed once an order is placed. Lot size is calculated basis 10% risk in case of hitting S/L level (but most negative trades are closed before reaching S/L).

• How can your followers get the best from your strategy?

Firstly, Followers should choose proper broker and account type to ensure lowest spreads during rollover session and minimum slippage. Negative slippage and spreads are the main concerns of this strategy. Secondly, Follower should never expect straightforward beautiful profitability line here. This strategy does accept weekly losses and even monthly losses. Patience is the key here, thus Followers should not focus on daily or monthly performance and instead look at long-term.

• How do you feel when you have a good and a bad trade? How are you dealing with this?

I am focusing on full automation of the system to ensure that human factor (feeling) does not intervene the trading. One thing that will less likely be ever automated is fundamental/political analysis of world news. There are certain periods, when some pairs should be excluded from trade for certain period of time just because they are dangerous.

• Finally, if you could give some advice for the aspiring traders out there, what would it be?

I would suggest Followers & Traders never to consider Forex as comfortable investment platform. If a man comes to Forex to “invest and forget”, waiting for easy profits, he will 99% be badly disappointed. The profitable phycology is to consider Forex as harsh & aggressive environment where Market Players all over the world fight with each other like gladiators on arena. Instead of awaiting stable monthly profits, a Trader should better be grateful for what he or she earned in the past, and wisely consider losses occurred as experience. Forex is a place where majority bears losses, while minority earns – so don’t be like majority, be unique and think differently! Find the way to think not like the others, even when using some popular strategy. 

That was all from Kethal TWR. More Traders’ Interviews to follow…Stay Tuned!