Meet Today’s Most-Followed ZuluVeterans!

Experienced Traders use a very popular expression when they want to describe their trading journey to success, “Trading is a marathon, not a sprint! “.  Similar to Marathoners that break down the distance into smaller pieces and try to reach sufficient stamina levels and achieve solid time records before completing the marathon itself. 
Especially nowadays, Traders must deal with extremely volatile markets due to the coronavirus impact on a global level. All the stock markets have suffered major losses and most of them may have a bearish outlook in the mid or even long-term horizon. Likewise, the forex market has experienced extreme volatility that has caused “big headaches” to all Traders.

But what about ZuluTrade? Are there any veterans that have survived this madness? We used the advanced search filter and we got the answer. 

Yes, there are!
Some Traders are already in new highs without being seriously affected, while others managed to recover their drawdowns quickly.

We selected the Veterans badge, more than 101 weeks, we sorted the list by the number of total Investors and we got the following! (global version)

The strategy is running for 184 weeks and still remains profitable even during this period.

The strategy is running for 129 weeks and is on a recovery mode, near to all-time highs.

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The strategy is running for 235 weeks and managed to recover its drawdown and move near all-time highs.

The strategy is running for 409 weeks and managed successfully to overcome its system’s fluctuations.

The strategy is running for 288 weeks and moving near highs.

The strategy is running for 173 weeks and has 3 consecutive profitable months, near all-time highs!

And the list goes on…

Copy-Trading has similar principles with Trading. Patience is a virtue and it usually pays off in the long term, provided that there is a good strategy and a specific money management plan. 

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