Replicate the Top Copiers

Are you an active investor that always searches for optimizing his/her portfolio?
Do you wish to have an inside tip whenever you open a trader’s page?
How about if you could get a sneak peek into the most successful portfolios in ZuluTrade and they were based on your taste of traders?

Here at ZuluTrade, we were always trying to keep our investors updated and fully informed about our products and their metrics by maintaining the highest levels of transparency in the copy trading business.
That is why we display, per trader PNL, all of our active investors through each trader’s dedicated page.
This is accessible through the Real Investors Tab.

However, we have done something even better!
We gathered the most successful active investors for each trader and we provided them to you sorted by profits.

copy the copiers

Not only that but you can also see which is the rest of their portfolio structure!
By clicking on their name, you will be directed to the real investors tab and have a full view of their current and past trader picks.

investors portfolios

Beyond stating the obvious, that a successful action to an investing portfolio might show increased chances for the rest choices of being positive, it is also important to check other specs of the Top ZuluTrade Investors’ portfolios.

The number of traders included in their portfolios:
It is never one or two but rarely above a two digit number.

The time period that they follow a trader:
It is not 2 days or 2 weeks, it is months and in some cases years.

The rebalancing choices:
If a successful investor ceases to follow a trading system it does not indicate that the trader has poor performance but may just not fit with the investor’s goals.
However the trader that you are both following, does.
Then maybe the rest of the choices are somewhere close to your investment preferences.

There is no shame in taking ideas or refreshing your tool case by copying other people’s techniques, the only shame would be to have it in front of your eyes and never take advantage of it.

So, why reinvent the wheel?
Just Replicate the Top …Copiers!!


The views expressed do not constitute investment or any other advice/recommendation/suggestion and are subject to change. Reliance upon information in this material is at the sole discretion of the reader. Opinions expressed in the report do not represent the opinion of ZuluTrade Social Trading Platform and do not constitute an offer or invitation to anyone to invest or trade. Every metric and the statistical number is a result of a past performance, which does not constitute a promise or a certainty for a future one.