Top 5 ZuluTraders’ Track Records

Are you a risk averse investor searching for robust historical performance in ZuluTrade?
Do you have the patience and the minimum required capital to follow one of the best in this category?
Well, we are here to present you the top 5


No 1


One of the most diversified strategies with an average pips metric of 16.4 and more than 1 million dollars in investor amount following.
The system is based on Elliot waves, Fibonacci retracements and currency correlation.

rydwaves chart

rydwaves stats


No 2


A scalping trader with almost 80% winning ratio, stable position size and 32,700 pips in profit.
Use of fractal trading in multi timeframe analysis.

 gainsptws chart

gainsptws stats


No 3


A highly diversified trader with more than 11,300 pips in profit. YunoriYK has an average user rating of minimum 4 stars.
A long/short strategy with trend following methods.

YunoriYK chart

YunoriYK stats


No 4


A true ZuluTrade veteran, more than 400 weeks in history, with a ROI of 340%.
A combination of different strategies is behind this performance.


No 5

A low frequency system with around 5 trades per week, steady lot size and high average pips.
The system uses indicators but avoids robotic interference.

huanshiu chart

huanshiu stats 

Those traders were chosen based on three crucial statistical categories.

1) minimum 3 years of track record
2) Being Profitable
3) Positive Investors’ profitability

But why these metrics are important?

First of all, a long and positive track record is indicative of stability on different market situations. In three years, markets experience changes in volatility, trend and cyclicity. When a trading system can produce positive performance even after radical changes in the market, it strengthens the argument of following it in contrast to one that has limited data.

In addition, Return of Investment (ROI) or overall profitability are profoundly the most important and thoroughly looked stats in the trading business. Investors need to be aware that a specific trading activity can lead to positive results, otherwise it isn’t worth of their time and most definitely their investment.

Last but not least, ZuluTrade’s favorite metric, the profit of investors. Even though we are always scanning for the best performing trader, we consider a top priority the profit of our clients. In many cases, the profitability of a trader will not translate proportionally to the investor’s P&L. This can be a result of a variety of reasons, such as: The Trader’s bad performance, the Investor’s limited funds to replicate the strategy correctly, or the Investor’s impatience that led to unfollowing the Trader rather quickly.
The Investors’ profit remains a major indicator.


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