Market Recap

Politicians that are favoring sovereign independence and are rejecting closer ties with China increase their political capital. This was evident from the prolonged protests & local election results in Hong Kong, and now it was confirmed with the Saturday’s Presidential elections in Taiwan. The former President, Mrs Tsai Ing-wen,  managed to win 57% of the votes, recording the biggest victory in the history of Taiwan.

A ceasefire could be signed today between the Libyan Government and Khalifa Haftar at their meeting in Moscow, Russia. Delegates from Egypt and Untited Arab Emirates will also be there.

The vast crowds at the funeral of Qasem Soleimani that supported the Iranian status quo, have been followed by this weekend protests against Khamenei. Iranians were protesting against their government in November. Now, these protests have been triggered by the realization that the passenger airplane that was crashed outside Tehran, has been shot by Iranian missiles.

The Aussie continues its rally.

Macro releases:  Today’s economic calendar includes UK’s GDP, UK’s manufacturing production and the Canadian Business Outlook survey. Market participants would judge the impact of USMCA trade agreement on the Canadian economy.


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