Market Recap – Happy New Year

Christine Lagarge succeeds Mario Draghi in the ECB

 ChristineLagarde signature

Central Banks turned to stimulus mode again

Central Banks easing again

Boris Johnson managed to win the majority of the UK parliament


 Boris Johnson

Few tariffs have been decreased as the phase 1 limited deal between USA and China happened

Tarrifs summary 1412

Hong Kong protests have not ended yet

Hong Kong Polytechnic School 2

USA troops left the North part of Syria, letting Turkey create its own controlled zone with joint patrols with Russia

US and Turkey forces

US consumption, 17% of worlds GDP, remains healthy

Comparison of US Consumption with GDP of major economies

USA-Japan trade deal signed

USA Japan deal

A $30bn swap deal between Japan and China has been signed


30bn swap deal Japan China

North Korea-South Korea-USA summit

Koreas US DMZ Summit

Julian Assangne, the founder of Wikileaks, is still captured

64614005 07d0 4e7e a867 f88a0305a6f8 EPA FILE BRITAIN JULIAN ASSANGE ARREST


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