New display for the Traders Performance stats and graphs!

Dear All,

We are happy to inform you that starting today the main statistics and graphs of Traders’ Performance Page are also displayed in money (i.e Trader’s base currency). 

Why did we do this?

3 main reasons: 

  • It was a constant request from both Live Traders and Investors. 
  • It increases transparency which is always a business goal for ZuluTrade’s service
  • It makes our service simpler as Pip calculation is not simple for everyone

What is new?

  1. Main Statistics, are now displayed in $ once you select the new toggle (switch) at the right top of Traders’ Trading tab
    • Total Profit  
    • Maximum Drawdown  
    • Profit (in Statistics -Overall)  
    • Maximum Drawdown 



  1. Main graphs are also displayed in $
  • Profit
  • Performance
  • Drawdown


  1. PnL under the Open Positionstab is now displayed in both Pips and Money. 


In ZuluTrade, We are always happy to hear your voice and make things happen!

Stay tuned,
The ZuluTrade team