New features included in the ZuluTrade REST API

Hey Traders!

Those of you who are familiar with our services and innovative thinking know that we always strive to provide you with new features that will help you make the most of your account and benefit the most out of Social Trading.

Lately we have made a new release, adding more features to our API, available for Forex accounts, all aimed to boost the trading potential of your account, allowing you to maximize performance with minimum effort – in short, trade the ZuluTrade way!

With the new features added, you may: 

  • Open Market and Pending Orders
  • Send signals to Update the Stop Loss and Limit (Take Profit) values, for both Market and Pending Orders
  • Update the Entry rate for Pending Orders
  • Close Market Orders and/or Pending Orders
  • Set a Trailing Stop
  • Set a Conditional Trailing Stop, one that will be triggered as soon as a trade reaches a predefined profit in pips 
  • Retrieve your account trading configuration with a simple call 
  • Retrieve your open positions and their PnL
  • Retrieve your account History, together with the PnL of closed trades
  • Retrieve the price feed of your account in real time and
  • Retrieve your account statistics, exclusively for Trader accounts

You may read more on the new and existing features in our dedicated API Guide.

Make sure to also check out the following pages where you may find updated Java, C#  and Rates Stream Java sample applications: 


API Java tutorial  

API C# tutorial

Rates Stream Java tutorial

If you have any questions specifically on our Forex API, please feel free to contact us by email: and we will get back to you in all detail!

Stay tuned, as more is to come on this front soon! 

Disclaimer: This blog content is written for educational purposes and does not contain any investment advice.
Depending on your region some of the features presented in this blog may not be available.