ZuluTrade+ optimized!

To all of you ZuluTraders out there!

Have you already noticed the latest client interface we have been
developing and testing over the last few months?

Below are some useful points on the last features and additions we have made in our proprietary, fully fledged trading station, ZuluTrade+.

We have optimized the chart view, making it further customizable, so that you may now rearrange the view as you deem best! In the Block Mode, click on any currency pair to see the related graph and then drag and drop it to anywhere you prefer, next to another graph, over or underneath it:


Or change to the Tab Mode to view each chart in a separate Tab:


Furthermore, you may now create your new Chart profile. Simply click on the Chart Profile icon at the side bar and then choose ‘Create’:

To create a new Profile, you only need to follow a few steps! Indicate a name for it first, then go to the list of currency pairs on the left and click on those you wish to see the chars for. Done, you have just created your new Profile!
Change between the default mode and any Profiles you have created from a simple drop down menu! You will also be able to rename or remove that Profile anytime you choose!


Do you wish to give a personal touch to your view of the charts? We can accommodate that! You just need to go to the Theme option and choose the colors of your liking:


Are you using the ZuluTrade+ interface and you have open positions? All the better! With a simple glance you can see the currency pair’s current rate (orange line), the opening rate of the position (green line) and any Stop/Limit values set (red line):