Welcome to a whole new era of Charts

ZuluTrade has so far provided its users with cutting edge technical graphs
that included indicators, scripts, drawing and technical tools. Only one
element was missing, that of our specialty: the social aspect in the charts. We have always advocated for openness and for giving power and voice to our users. That is why we are now proud to introduce you to the new era of charts… the ZuluTrade Social Charts!

Have you considered asking the Traders you are following a question, either on their trades or regarding the market itself? Have you considered the possibility of sharing your insight on the current market trends with fellow users? Or ask your peers for their thoughts? Fast and on the spot? All this and much more is now available to you through the Social Charts:

– share your thoughts, ideas and insights 

– interact! Ask questions, comment, reply and like and all that with zero delay!

– make use of the chart to visually explore the trends, the more the social activity, the hotter the product!

– see the most profitable trades, like and comment them as the market evolves!


With this we want to elevate the communication among ZuluTraders to a whole new level, combining the usefulness of ever improving charts and that of social media networking.

We’d love to hear what you think!

We have added this button Z on the top right corner of the Charts page to make it easier for you to share your feedback.

This blog content is written for educational purposes and does not contain any investment advice.
Depending on your region some of the features presented in this blog may not be available