Trading Strategies that dodged the Market Crash!

Hopefully, you are all following our daily blog posts where we provide a snapshot of the Market and trading bias. The Coronavirus outbreak has “infected” almost all of the Markets and economies globally.  Additionally, Saudi Arabia initiated an oil price war with Russia as they didn’t agree on crude cuts during OPEC’s meeting in Vienna.

These events have forced Traders to struggle with their strategies since the Market volatility is huge.  Consequently, top Traders (like GreenValley or GainsPTWS and others) had to close their positions, which resulted in Investors’ losses.  Nevertheless, one realizes after reading their past track records, that these Traders have proved that they are able to recover from such drawdowns.

There are plenty of top and rising Traders who have managed to avoid such unpleasant situations. 


  1. Because their strategy is based on less volatile instruments.
  2. They decided to stay flat and anticipate better conditions.
  3. They controlled or even reduced their exposure. 
  4. They tightened their stop loss or re-adjusted their money management.

Who are they?

Asha Pro, YunoriYK, amtfxshooter, FourWaysForex, Swartout, QboTkain, Ahmed FX, 20 Pip Approach, Signal Guide, Koala1961
All of the above Traders have new performance highs!
Xyzco Xanana, Gervaise, GalaktikaM, AdaptiveVolatilityHedger, Evgendoga, VKprofit, Kethal TWR are holding their ground. 
Rising Traders like lovelytrader2017, Growth Emulator, PowerPipHead, BullCapital maintain their positive momentum!

And many more…

Overall Traders and Investors should constantly control and monitor their risk as global markets are very sensitive to Coronavirus news, as its spread is expanding in the EU and the USA, while it is slowing down in Asia.

Stay tuned for more blog posts!


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