Which Copy Trading Products are Shining?

Welcome back to this week’s watchlist of Top Traders and Investment Products!

Let’s begin our trading journey as we head down this months list!

Check them out in the list below! 

Trader 1 – TheWinnerTakesAll


Let’s begin with our watchlist traders, first up we have TheWinnerTakesAll, who has been trading with ZuluTrade since May 2021. 

 TheWinnerTakesAll Uses a trading system that cleverly uses the RMI indicator to find over-extended trades with and against the trend. The RMI indicator is used in combination with the D1 trend while incorporating the use of candle-stick patterns.

 According to TheWinnerTakesAll recent trading history, he prefers to trade the AUD/CAD and GBP/CAD pair. 

TheWinnerTakesAll has generated in the last 6 months 19.6% ROI in 266 trades while maintaining a 70% win rate.

His 6 month Maximum Drawdown is 6.3%.

Trader 2 – DayProfitTrader


Next up we have DayProfitTrader who has been trading on ZuluTrade since May, 2020. DayProfitTrader uses a strategy that he’s been using for more than 6 years and basing it on charts of the supports, resistances and the running trend.

Preferring to trade a maximum of 2 open trades at a time for risk management. DayProfitTrader trades a mixed bag of pairs but recently focused on the EUR/NZD, EUR/USD and CHF/JPY pairs.

DayProfitTrader has generated in the last 6 months 11.18% ROI in 111 trades while having a 57% win rate.

His 6 month Maximum Drawdown is 3%.


Trader 3 – HMTrader


At number three we have HMTrader, Trading a selection of Forex pairs on the lower timeframes and open trades during lower volatility periods. 

His Strategy enters trades when there is a high probability of a short term reversal. The strategy is regularly monitored and adjusted to the current market. HMTrader has been trading with ZuluTrade since January, 2020.

HMTrader has generated in the last 6 months 34.43% ROI in 272 trades while having a 79% win rate.

His 6 month Maximum Drawdown is 6%.


Combos – Quad Combo +

Quad Combo+Quad Combo

Quad includes four trading systems, which are the most under a combo, thus the variety of traded instruments and frequency is considerably high.

 It has generated 8.69% ROI in 6 months with a Maximum Drawdown of 10.17%.


Investment Baskets – Banking Institutions

Banking Institutions

A stock basket with five of the top financial institutions of the world that have under management multi-trillion dollar portfolios.

 The Banking Institutions stock basket was created to offer a more diversified and optimized investing option to ZuluTrade investors to capitalize on the growth of the banking system.

 The basket has generated 32.23% in ROI the last 1 year with a Maximum Drawdown of 6.63% and a VaR index of 2.


We hope you enjoyed this issue of ZuluTraders Watchlist. Keep your eyes open and as always happy trading! 


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