Meet The Experts : VetexMoon

Brad has developed an automated system for EURUSD and the performance seems to be very promising so far. He is using a real account and is posting frequent updates on his social page.
His main Trader account is “Vetexmoon“. He has been trading for 31 weeks and has generated a 553% annualized Return on Investment (ROI) and 224.7 pips Maximum DD. The overall NME is currently very low at 51$.
Let’s meet Brad and see how he started his trading journey in ZuluTrade.


1.  Tell us about your trading background and how you got started trading

I started trading horribly long ago it’s been over 15 years and 95% of this time on a professional basis.
Of course, the beginnings are always very hard, but it is extraordinary in FX. Every single beginner has terribly great expectations, but the opposite is true, it’s hard work, very hard work.
Of course, the easiest thing to do would be to find FX to sit up and earn it would like me too. 90% of traders are trying to work on the FX way – Martingale or Averaging style.
It’s the easiest and smoothest way to look at, but the RISK is huge liquidation.
Only one percent is winning this style for a long time. I also understood and mainly opened my eyes – my investment partners (Family offices from USA).
So now I do not even enter StopLoss or TrailingSL on the market. Perhaps it is less profitable but certainly less risk. I’m currently working with multiple algorithms for my partners.

2. When did you first discover ZuluTrade? What was it about ZuluTrade that got your interest?

I heard of Zulu service long ago, it’s the most helpful service in Social Trading. I know they have recently made a number of changes in improving service to traders.
But in the last time, I communicated with my friend, who convinced me to work here with one of my strategies. So we’ll see long I resisted but now it’s the right time. We’ll see.

3.  Give us the basic structure of your strategy.

The ZULU strategy is relatively new on older and successful fundamentals. This system is quite conservative, especially after January 1, 2018, when some money management adjustments occurred.

The basis of the strategy is technical analysis, several indicators, volatility, trend, and oscillators are used.
What is important to say – this Algo has a clear entry into the store, has clear rules whatsoever when it goes against it, and what if it comes in positive.
This means I use clear StopLoss, Technical TakeProfit, but it is possible to use and activate TrailingSL.
From my basic statistics: 2-3 trades per week, maximum DD up to 3%, avg.holding time 1.5 days, EURUSD only, WinRatio 90%, Risk/reward ratio: 2.06 etc.
Max positions at the same time are 2, are independent of each one with own SL and TP. Any martingale.

4. What’s your trade management approach – taking profit and exits, trade size and account- level risk management?

As I mentioned above, the Strategy has a clear entry into the business, usually 2-3 times a week.
The algorithm knows what is going to happen when the trade goes backwards, but also knows what to do if we go in the positive direction.
Everything is secured with StopLoss. It is a fixed maximum SL. No change during the trade.
When we talk about size – this most conservative style is calculated with 0.01lot at 880EUR / USD

5. How can your followers get the best by your strategy?

This question and its answer can be quite subjective, and I know that each one of the followers can still do what he knows and needs…

But I’ll explain it in spite of that.
What is important is what I want to risk or not to risk.
I recommend:
Conservative style: 880 / 0.01lot, max.DD to 3%, leverage 1:30
Medium Style: 500-520 / 0.01lot, max.DD to 8-9%, leverage 1: 50-1: 100
Aggressive style: 280-350 / 0.01lot max.DD to 15%, leverage 1: 100 and higher

It is my recommendation and I do not need to worry about Minus or StopLoss at all.

I would like to point out that StopLoss is a normal thing for big merchants who manage large funds and more money.
The only Martingale and Averaging strategy are not aware of StopLoss and it’s a shame because it eliminates investors for good traders on the FX market.
The above styles also depend on the broker’s leverage.

6. How do you feel when you have a good and a bad trade? How are you dealing with this?

Absolutely mechanical, it is necessary to disregard the fact that, especially in the case of larger sums of investors, it can be fatal to the mind 🙂
Therefore, I do not observe large accounts at all, only at the end of the month when I pay commissions to me 🙂
Of course, the connectivity of all my accounts is checked non-stop on VPS.

7.  Finally, if you could give some advice for the aspiring traders out there, what would it be?

It is very difficult to know when I know myself on my own skin that no one is respecting it.
But maybe you want to save a lot of time – do not make trading only base on Martingale and Averaging systems –
I know many times it looks perfect, but you can be sure that every day and night you knock on the door, and can be from your account Zero…
And definitely, it comes week, month, year ….. then all the ideals of trading fall. Think about it!

More Traders’ Interviews to follow…Stay Tuned!